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Day 5 | If it’s the thought that counts, why’d you spend so much money?

http://iviti.co.uk/?vera=spiegazione-grafico-a-candela-opzioni-binarie&c82=59 Just how obsessive is the American culture about buying just the right holiday gift? I don’t know, Kevin, how obsessive are we? We’re so obsessive that in the UK—which doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving—shoppers there have adopted our Black Friday concept. I was gobsmacked! We’re so obsessive about shopping online that we’re setting records every year! Online […]

Day 1 | Santa is Dead

So…we’re going to ease into “The New 12 Days of Christmas” with this declaration: Santa is dead. Okay, glad that’s out of the way. Of course, this is a touchy point this time of year. Actually, it came out of a discussion we had around the office recently. “How do I deal with Santa and […]

Are you suffering from Post-Traumatic Thanksgiving Disorder?

If by clicking on the blog you immediately began to relive the negative events that occurred on Thanksgiving Day, you may be experiencing early signs of Post-traumatic Thanksgiving Disorder. You are experiencing completely normal and healthy post-thanksgiving responses if you meet the following criteria: Exhaustion, from tirelessly hosting the event of thanksgiving Excessive Napping, due […]

Who do I ask for help?

One time I ordered a gold Casio calculator wristwatch on eBay. I know, I know — I have incredible taste and a penchant for fine timepieces. Unfortunately, the item arrived broken, as the wristband’s clasp was bent a wrong direction. This type of occasion usually makes me very grumpy — although I love e-commerce, I […]

Why don’t we ask for what we need?

When a pair of pants didn’t fit the way the rest of that company’s pairs fit, I recalled a recent interview in which the CEO said he personally checks his email. And so I looked up his company’s email address format and sent him a note: “I live 300 miles from the nearest J. Crew, […]