Dear Colleagues and Partners,

It is with a heavy heart that we share the closing of Innovation360 Austin, effective November 1, 2023. 

I360 Austin has had the great pleasure and honor of employing some of the most committed team members in the field, as well as collaborating with many gifted professionals in the mental health and substance use recovery community. We spent countless hours with clients in assessments, therapeutic services, consultations, and conversation. We accompanied clients during recovery meetings, grocery shopping, cleaning, transporting, working out, and playing around Austin — all in service to helping clients grow and expand in the context of healthy relationships. 

It has been a true joy to know our clients so well and participate in the ups and downs of their journey. In watching the incredible perseverance and growth of our clients, we can’t help but grow too, and we are filled with gratitude for the past eight years of this work. 


More than ever, Austin is seeing an increase in quality, in-home mental health and substance use disorder care. However, the need for frequent and personalized touchpoints with clients living with chronic conditions will always be there. The hope is that the field will continue to rise and meet this challenge.

Many i360 team members intend to continue providing aspects of Innovation360 services such as recovery support, therapy, coaching, clinical supervision, and care consultations in future positions elsewhere. Updates on the team members as well as the services provided will be posted on the i360 website in the next few weeks. 



To learn more about opportunities for ongoing or alternative care, please continue to contact Innovation360 through the end of October. Marvella Moss, the i360 Client Liaison, will remain available to provide information and referrals at [email protected] or 512-387-4222.

It has been a great honor and true joy to work alongside the many caring and gifted people who have been a part of the Innovation360 team, as well as the phenomenal professionals who make up the recovery and mental health field of Austin, Texas. We hope to continue alongside you, in a different way, but always in service to the mission of healing.

Sincerely and with so much gratitude,

Howard Butt, IV and Elizabeth Devine
Owner and Executive Director
Innovation360 Austin