Innovation360® Austin is an outpatient mental health organization dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome complex challenges by offering comprehensive, wrap-around care. In addition to facilitating proven, effective therapeutic services and case management, we also provide support to clients in their everyday lives via our specialized Life Development team.

At Innovation360, we approach each new person with curiosity and compassion. We have worked with numerous people struggling to make sense of their situation. We partner our extensive therapeutic knowledge and clinical experience with each person’s unique needs so that we can effectively provide treatment specific to each person and their situation.

For over a decade, Innovation360 has helped numerous people experience life with greater clarity, connectedness, and confidence. We invite you to learn more about our unique, individualized approach. Please click here to learn more about how we can help or to explore if Innovation360 is right for you.

Discover how our approach to mental health and addiction counseling inspires lasting recovery in the lives of our clients.


Maybe the source of your addiction, anxiety or depression is difficult to define. Maybe your symptoms don’t fit into a “standard” category or list of causes.
Just because you don’t know how to define your condition, doesn’t mean your struggle is any less real. This is why every i360 treatment plan is distinctive
– and why we carefully develop treatment that matches your specific needs, or those of a family member, friend or colleague.

Innovation 360 for you

We work with you, walk with you, join you for a time and prepare you for a day when you can stand without us. Learn more.

Innovation 360 For-Family-and-Friends

As a parent, relative, employer or friend you can reach out to us if someone you love or care for is struggling. Learn more.

Innovation 360 For-Professionals

We can help you stay active in your job role while getting you the help you need from your demanding career. Learn more.

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