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Academic/Career Services

Many people struggle to decide what to do next regarding academic or career development. For others, the challenge is not in knowing what they want to do, but in actually getting organized and making sustained progress. Finally, some individuals simply need help in project management. 

Our Academic and Career Support services supplement the comprehensive and individualized approach of Innovation360. A person may receive all or some of the services listed below. 

The Initial Academic/Career Assessment includes:

  • A thorough assessment of your academic/job history and learning style in order to create both long and short- term goals
  • Co-creation of goals and tangible objectives by you and the Academic Consultant to create a realistic and attainable picture for the future
  • Development of an individualized academic/career focus plan that will include recommendation for areas of focus to improve your success in current or aspired academic/career goals
  • Transcript evaluation and consolidation, if applicable, to assess where any gaps are, what courses should be taken in the future, and whether certain credit requirements can be acquired through credit by examination

Individual, Ongoing Consultation Meetings include:

  • Performance tracking through grades and organizational systems
  • Specialized support in areas of focus as determined by the plan developed upon initial assessment
  • Exploration of colleges, internship, and job shadow opportunities
  • Demonstration of how to establish effective communication with professors and potential employers as well as promote self-advocacy
  • Resume and cover letter building along with interview skill building, when applicable
  • Academic coaching through mentorship

Study Hall takes place at set times, with other participants, in order to promote:

  • Accountability to academic assignments and meaningful participation
  • Personal autonomy by receiving specialist support on implementing time management and calendaring systems, learning self-advocacy strategies, and practicing focus and skills-specific strategies as recommended
  • Real-time support for content deficiencies and/or strengths-focused exercises informed by your specific learning style and focus plan
  • Guided interaction with or use of resources intended to benefit achievement, motivation and overall progress

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