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Here’s how you can B.E.A.T. anxiety

Americans have long been motivated to compete against each other. Whether it’s a rival sports team, a political opponent, or a greater cause like cancer, hunger, or AIDS, people look for things to beat. But what is it about anxiety that leaves people feeling defeated and experiencing such despair? Everybody experiences anxiety—it’s a natural response […]

What Mask Are You Wearing?

Since it is almost Halloween, it seems appropriate to talk about masks.  Whether we like to admit it or not, we all tend to wear them, just not the plastic, store purchased ones. Here are five masks that people tend to wear to hide what is really going on inside: Bozo the Clown – Did […]

A Q&A with Innovation360’s Austin Parsons

What brought you to Innovation360 Austin? I’m a professional counselor driven by relationships and adventure.  I think that’s why Innovation360 is such an enjoyable place for me to work.  Though I am new to the i360 Austin team, I am not new to i360.  I began my therapeutic work with i360 Dallas.  I engaged many […]

Are the people in your life really supportive?

What is the secret to making lasting change? A few minutes browsing books online could yield countless results on how to cultivate motivation, willpower, and enlightenment. We all go running to these resources as we ask ourselves: • Why do I keep taking on more than I can handle? • Why can’t I say “no?” […]

Mythbusting: Why people resist alcohol treatment

In a prior post, we shared some questions to help assess whether you or a loved one might have an alcohol addiction.  But once denial is out of the picture and someone realizes that they have a problem with alcohol, many people still resist getting help.  In fact, although an estimated 25 million Americans struggle […]

Seriously, this is no joke.

So, this probably comes as no surprise that I’m a bit of jokester. I love pulling an all-in-good-fun prank on an unsuspecting friend or colleague. Just a few weeks ago, for example, our team pulled a great prank on Chris Epstein, our Clinical Director. What made it so funny for all of us involved, was […]