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Client Advocacy

Following a clinical assessment, you will be partnered with an advocate, a Master’s level clinician, who works alongside you supporting all aspects of your experience with Innovation360. Your advocate will familiarize themselves with your individual goals as well as any other professionals or family members who are involved in your care.

Assembly of a Treatment Team

Informed by your goals, your advocate will help you in identifying medical, community-based, and mental health providers that are most likely suited to support your specific needs. Where appropriate, you may also work with therapists who are a part of the Innovation360 staff.

Case Management

Your advocate can assist you in creating organization and order in situations that can often feel very chaotic. Your advocate will regularly review your schedule, tasks, and progress with you.


Your advocate proactively remains in contact with you, involved family members, and other providers to provide collaboration and cohesion to your care. In addition, advocates stay in frequent communication with the Life Development® team in order to support the creation of objectives on Life Development sessions and respond quickly to areas that need attention.

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