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Family Support

Unfortunately, family members can often feel blamed, neglected, and uninformed when a loved one seeks treatment. We believe that, when at all possible, involving loved ones in the process of recovery is incredibly important. We make it a priority to offer compassion and support to the entire family system.

Foundational to our approach is the desire to both learn from the family’s experience as well as help improve it. You can find our commitment to this in our actions. We include family members in our clients’ assessment as well as provide families with their own orientation to the program. Family members of participants in Innovation360 receive calls weekly and are encouraged to participate in coaching, therapy, and/or groups.

Family Consulting

Many families participate in family consulting to gain a great understanding of what is informing and influencing their loved one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Additionally, participants are assisted and given an opportunity to articulate their own experience more thoroughly. From there, with the help of a trained professional, family members receive assistance in creating a pragmatic plan of how best to address expectations, boundaries, and effective communication with their loved one. As circumstances unfold, the family consultant remains available to collaborate and offer direction on ways to respond and adapt as a family system. If you are interested in this service, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 512- 387-4222.

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