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Is Innovation360 Right for You?

If the statements below express how you feel, we hope you will contact us or learn more about our approach to providing help.

  • I’ve been in therapy or treatment before, but I can’t manage to achieve or maintain my desired progress on my own.
  • I feel that most people or places that try to help me struggle to see the complexity of my situation.
  • I know I need more help, but the process of finding appropriate help and/or really showing up for it is overwhelming.
  • I, and those who care about me, can’t seem to get on the same page about what should happen next.
  • I’m hesitant to engage in treatment because I’m concerned that too much will be asked of me.
  • The fact that I’m successful in some areas of my life, but far less so in others, leaves me confused about how significant my problems really are.
  • I’m doing things that are not consistent with my values and keep me from accomplishing my goals in order to deal (or avoid dealing) with my present situation.
  • My sadness, fear, and anxiety makes me think things may never get better.
  • I would like to share my story with someone who would compassionately listen and really try to understand my perspective, without offering quick solutions or judgment.

If any of these statements describe your experience, please contact us or click here to learn more.

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