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Life Development

Life Development® is a unique service developed to help you successfully translate insights gained in therapy into practical use in the “real world”. The Life Development® team is comprised of individuals who are committed to their own wellness and want to assist others in finding balance. These individuals join you outside of the four walls of a counseling office to provide moral support, guidance, and assistance in your everyday life. The length and frequency of sessions are scheduled with intention to aid you in developing routines, habits, and patterns that create a positive, fulfilling lifestyle.

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Sometimes we struggle to move forward. It’s not always because we aren’t motivated or don’t care.  Very often it’s because we need someone who can start the conversation, plant a new idea, and ignite the desire for a different life.

Life Development provides you with relationships that model healthy behavior, encourages change and provides the hope that depression, anxiety, or substance abuse can be overcome – that life can be very different. 

Life Development is an important service offered as a part of the Innovation360 treatment model. Life Development, in the most general sense, is built on the precept that we all grow and expand in the context of healthy people and relationships. When we share time and energy with people who are committed to wellness, growth, progress, and courage, we often organically find ourselves growing in these areas as well.

More specifically, Life Development team members (LDs) collaborate with each person’s Client Advocate to creatively help our clients with growth in various areas of their life.

  • We provide a healthy perspective. We analyze your situation and offer new ideas you might not have generated on your own.
  • We help you begin your work. We practice new skills with you and reinforce principles, behaviors and expectations necessary to making changes.
  • We support you in breaking down real and perceived barriers. In turn, we model healthy behaviors and boundaries as a reminder of how to show up in society.
  • We offer challenges. By mirroring your potential, we are able to stretch you beyond what you think you are capable of.
  • We are aware. We know how to apply and release pressure, speak the truth, and remain mindful of the appropriate timing and intensity of doing so.
  • We offer encouragement in everything. We are committed to acknowledging even the smallest progress.
  • We carry hope and belief in you, even when you don’t have it for yourself.

Some examples of LD sessions are:

  • Joining you on a morning walk or trip to the gym to kick start your wellness goals
  • Spending a few hours helping you get your apartment cleaned up and organized so that you can enjoy your space more
  • Supporting you in nutrition and budgeting goals by planning meals for the week, grocery shopping together, and meal prepping
  • Accompanying you to an event where there are people with similar interests to you
  • Exploring career websites together to find various postings you could apply for
  • Enjoying a meal together to share thoughts and perspectives
  • Rock climbing, taking a cooking class, or practicing the guitar with you because it stretches you outside of your comfort zone (and can be fun)
  • Joining you in a recovery meeting and making sure you get to those important appointments
  • Taking you to get a haircut or pedicure to help you feel a bit better about yourself
  • Buying a calendar and inputting important dates from your syllabus so that you start the semester well
  • Simply spending time with you on those slow Saturdays when you’re really struggling and know that it’s better not to be alone

Activities on LD sessions are crafted with your goals in mind. Your objectives are identified and discussed between you and your Client Advocate during weekly check-ins. These goals are then broken down into practical behaviors or experiences which the LD team members facilitate in creative, supportive, and, ideally, enjoyable ways.

The frequency and duration of LD sessions is determined during the initial assessment and then reassessed in collaboration with you and your Client Advocate approximately every 4- 8 weeks.

LD sessions can take place nearly anywhere. Typically, LD team members will drive to you and can join you in your place of residence or, more commonly, transport you to the location of your next activity in and around Austin, TX.

The LD team is made up of people who are committed to their own wellness and have a passion for supporting others. LD team members are hired for a strong sense of self, diversity of interests, compassion, enthusiasm, and integrity.

Many LD team members are pursing education or careers in the mental health or treatment field. The LD team members receive ongoing trainings, mentorship, support and guidance via the LD team leadership and participation in weekly Clinical Meetings.

Life Development team members (LDs) are not personal assistants. Although you may receive assistance in the everyday tasks of life, the intent of this assistance is to support you in getting things in order and then finding strategies, support, and confidence to maintain these tasks on your own. LDs do things with you, not for you.

LDs are not therapists. Although some LDs may pursue careers in the helping professions, their role in Life Development is to assist and offer companionship in the practical realities of life. LDs may reflect their thoughts and experiences with you for your own reflection- alone or with your therapist.

LDs are not friends. LDs are friendly and care a great deal for the clients of Innovation360, but because the relationship is not a personal one, they are less inclined to take things personally. Because of this, you can try on a lot of new ways of behaving and interacting to see what may fit you best. Additionally, LDs will consistently seek to understand why things may be difficult, say what needs to be said, and assist you in problem-solving and persevering.

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