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Life Development

Life Development® is our unique way of helping you successfully transition from therapy to living, working and playing in the “real world”.

Life Development is not a system. It’s not a process. It’s not a program. We simply help you create new behaviors that eventually become habit. We provide advice, moral support and guidance. We live alongside you (outside of therapy) to help you develop routines and patterns that create a positive, fulfilling lifestyle.

Why Life Development?

Sometimes we struggle to move forward. It’s not always because we aren’t motivated or don’t care.  Very often it’s because we need someone who can start the conversation, plant the thought and ignite the desire for a different life.

Life Development provides you with a relationship that models healthy behavior, encourages change and provides the hope that depression, anxiety or substance abuse can be overcome – that life can be very different.

How does Life Development work?

  • We provide a healthy perspective. We analyze your situation and offer new ideas you couldn’t have generated on your own.
  • We help you begin your treatment plan. We practice new skills and reinforce principles, behaviors and expectations with our clients.
  • We break down real and perceived barriers. In turn, we model healthy behaviors and boundaries to remind you what social norms are and remind you that you belong in society.
  • We offer challenges. By mirroring your potential, we are able to stretch you beyond what you think you are capable of.
  • We are aware. We know how to apply and release pressure, speak the truth and remain mindful to timing and intensity.
  • We offer encouragement in everything. Our philosophy is to instill hope and acknowledge even the smallest progress.
  • One of our most important attributes is that we carry hope and belief when you don’t have it for yourself.
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