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The politics of anxiety

Bored at the office today? Try this. Go over to your co-worker’s…

Even celebrities can be vulnerable

In December I joined with 11.2 million other people who watched…

Guys, it’s time to stop hating on Valentine’s Day

Ladies, here’s a little secret about Valentine’s Day. When…

The 3 R’s of talking about teen suicide

Recently, two teen girls from Murphy, Texas, a suburb of Dallas,…

On New Year’s Resolutions: Your Goal is to Be Healthier. Period.

I’m big on resolutions. I’m big on pick a date to start an…

11 ways to ruin your relationship

Many of us are doing these things daily, and have no idea we…

Day 12 | What did January ever do to you?

We’ve all got those ticks, those natural irritants that get…

Day 11 | Beating the holiday blues

So this guy walks into a bar. Then another guy walks into the…

Day 10 | The bird didn’t sh*t on you. The bird just sh*t.

“I learned there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come…