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5 Things We Rarely Do That Would Make Life More Joyful

5 Things We Rarely Do That Would Make Life more Joyful Disclaimer:…

Are you too Emotionally Involved as a Parent?

If your child is anxious do you find yourself anxious too? Do…

Transitioning Home from Treatment

Leaving a place of structure and security to head home into the…

Mommies in Recovery

Do women face different issues in addiction, treatment, and recovery…

It doesn’t discriminate: Older Adults are Struggling with Substance Abuse

Anyone at any age can have a drinking problem. At i360, we say…

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Have you ever said to a loved one, “If you loved me, you wouldn’t…

Determining the Diagnosis: Are You Addicted to Technology?

Let’s not even mention the way it affects your personal well-being…

Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail

A fellow therapist and I spoke to a group of about 50 people…

The 10 Worst Things You Can Say to Hurting People

It happens all the time. Maybe it happened to you at church.…