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Why Innovation360?

It’s hard to be a new person in an old place. Whether it’s coming home from treatment or starting the journey to overcome depression, an addiction or a divorce – life sometimes moves faster than we can handle on our own.

Why i360? Because we’re uniquely qualified to help you or a loved one:

  • Return to a routine of life with greater insight and strategy
  • Build on your strengths and shore up your weaknesses
  • Prioritize life and treatment in a way that brings structure and routine to chaos

The help you need

Maybe the source of your addiction, anxiety or depression is difficult to define. Maybe your symptoms don’t fit into a “standard” category or list of causes. Just because you don’t know how to define your condition, doesn’t mean your struggle is any less real. This is why every i360 treatment plan is distinctive – and why we carefully develop a treatment plan that matches your specific circumstances and needs.

Following a clinical assessment, we develop a treatment program which includes the therapeutic services that meet your individual needs. By incorporating clinical and life development® services that i360 and the mental health community provide, we help you reengage the healthy components of your life, reconnect with a community that provides hope, and reframe your story in a broader context.

No two i360 treatment programs are the same. Customizing the treatment plan to best address your unique issues and circumstances allows us to give you the care you deserve and need.

Sometimes, the most difficult part is taking that first step. No matter where you are on that path toward change or how you feel about your situation, we invite you to join us, risk with us, journey with us.

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A Farewell Message from Innovation360 Austin

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It is with a heavy heart that we share the closing of Innovation360 Austin, effective November 1st. It has been a great honor to work alongside our clients and families, as well as our caring and gifted i360 team members and community partners. We hope to continue alongside you, but in a different way.

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